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This video was designed to accompany my step-by-step tutorial where you can follow detailed illustrated instructions for all the tasks shown in the video...

A Pop-up Calendar for Excel


Build a Pop-up Calendar for Excel - Part 1

The first of three videos that accompany my popular tutorial A Pop-up Calendar for Excel and is an excellent introduction to working with UserForms in VBA. The entry of dates is always a headache for people who use spreadsheets or databases. How should the date be written and in what format and what was the date of the third Thursday in October last year anyway? The answer is my pop-up calendar. Use a keyboard shortcut or right-click on a cell to ask for the calendar and all you have to do is pick a date. This short introductory video shows you what the calendar will look like and what it can do.

This video has an audio commentary and is best viewed at 720p (HD) quality. [Duration 03:36]


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