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This blog is here for my family and friends. I'm hopeless at writing letters. I promise to keep in touch but seldom do. So, since much of my life is spent sitting at my keyboard I decided to create a diary that those who were interested could stop by now and again to find out what I was up to. If you just happened upon it you're welcome to stay. I'm not inviting comments, after all this is my blog and who cares what you have to say... get your own blog (hahaha!). But messages are welcome (hint to family and friends!) and I'll do my best to reply.

January 2011
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Making Movies

[21 January 2011]

Last September I celebrated my 60th birthday by treating myself to a camcorder. Many years ago I dabbled in movies with what was even then an old-fashioned Bolex Standard 8 movie camera. The film got difficult to find and there were other things to do so the movie camera eventually got consigned to the attic (along with the rest of my 9-day wonder projects). But I had been bitten by the movie bug. Since then I've often thought about buying another movie camera but I have been put off by the quality all those blurred and shaky efforts you see on TV shows. But along came YouTube and suddenly people seemed to be making clear, sharp, quality movies. After some research on the interweb I bought  a lovely camcorder, a Panasonic HDC-SD60. It takes HD movies in 1920x1080 format, the same as my HD TV, and produces results of better quality that much of the news footage on TV filmed on hardware that probably cost ten times as much!

Of course, I started filming right away and soon realised that my PC's was going to need tome extra storage space so the first "accessory" was an external hard drive - 2 terabytes should keep me going for a while! Next came the obligatory film editing software. I'm trying Serif MoviePlus X3 and Magix Movie Edit Pro 17. And now I'm beginning to think I need a more powerful PC!

So here's an early effort:

Our Boxing Day walk took us to Belhus Woods, a local country park. A week after the end of the December snows it was still cold and most of the lakes and streams were still frozen over. Unable to feed, most of the wildfowl had left in search of open water. The big lake was iced up save for a small area where those that remained congregated, mostly Mallard Shoveler which didn't seem too bothered by the conditions and were content to roost on the frozen surface of the lake. Then we spotted this unusual bird which was clearly perplexed by the ice.


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